Note: Norma blouse

This is my first iteration of the Norma blouse from issue no. 9 of the Fibre Mood magazine. Fibre Mood has in relatively short time established itself as one of the most popular sewing magazines in Europe with lots of subscribers and followers. They specialize in trendy, relatively easy to sew designs, and the overall quality of the patterns is very good. If you register for their community, they offer free instructions and pdf-patterns to buy on their website if you don’t like to trace from the pattern sheet in the magazine.

The Norma pattern must be the most popular from this issue, just have a look at all the versions already posted on Instagram under #fibremoodnorma – wow! This is a cute summery blouse with statement sleeves. I made it in a very floaty viscose, a remnant from another project, and I definitely like the result: A very light, soft blouse for balmy days. In a more structured fabric I guess the sleeves would be more prominent, but that’s not what I wanted this time. I made a size 40 based on my measurements and the fit is great, no need for adjustments. The instructions are easy to follow and it is a relatively quick make. 

The most interesting feature is definitely the sleeves. They are roomy with soft gathers on the shoulders and at the cuffs. I think this blouse compares well with the blouse Le Chemisier from the book Dressed (Deer and Doe). They have a similar neckline, the sizing and shape is very similar, but the sleeves set them apart. If you are after something to layer under a cardigan, this one might not be it, but otherwise I think it is lovely and versatile.

Fabric: The Fabric Store Online 
Pattern: Fibre Mood magasine #9

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