Hack: The not-so-gathered Lawley skirt

Recently I discovered the talented Australian designer Lauren who is behind Elbe Textiles. She creates modern, casual and classic styles that have great appeal. Several of the patterns on her website are even available for free, a gesture that I highly appreciate. She designs unisex patterns for the most part and advocate a sustainable approach to making, and I adore the relaxed, modern style and neutral colors that dominates her sample garments. 

The Lawley skirt is one of the free patterns, but that’s of course not why I made it. It appealed to me because it is a very classic, casual style. The pattern is very well made with thorough instructions and well thought out details like pockets with inserted bias strips. It has a gathered elasticated waist and the option of adding a string. It is slightly shaped in the waist to reduce some bulk. Despite many doubts about gathered fabric around my waist and hips I proceeded against better knowledge. The fabric choice was rather poor, too, because this design requires a very light fabric with a lot of drape to make it justice. My choice of tencel in a mid-weight quality made me look twice my size with all the fabric gathered around my waist, a look I’m not going for! 

The solution was to take out most of the width in the skirt. I removed the gathered waistband and removed 26 cm both in the front and in the back. The new seamline in the front and in the back got topstitching to make them look more intentional. The new width matched the waistband exactly, and the resulting silhouette is much more wearable for me. I plan to add a string, too, I only need to source the right color.

Pattern: Lawley skirt (free) by Elbe Textiles
Fabric: Tencel twill (sold out) from metermeter.dk

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