Archives and tags

You can easily navigate this site via the main categories Notes, Tests, Hacks, Wear and Misc in the main menu. In addition I’ve tagged all posts with type of garment, pattern name and designer, so if you click on one of those (in posts or the tag cloud) you’ll find everything related in one place. The tag cloud lives below and at the bottom of every post. The archive is located below, and finally there’s a search function at the bottom of every post. I hope you find what you’re looking for – if not, please let me know!

Notes: Patterns that mainly are made as intended by the designer
Hacks: Patterns made with a significant alteration, big or small
Tests: Tests or reviews of patterns, normally in collaboration with the designer
Wear: The occasional post where I focus on garment history and project summaries
Misc: Miscellaneous posts such as recommendations, techniques and how-to’s