Test: Fibre Mood Bonnie

Fibre Mood magazine no. 12 is released today, and I was kindly invited to try one pattern before the release. I chose Bonnie, a cute blouse with wide statement sleeves pleated at the wrist and boatneck with a slit opening in the back.

Fibre Mood’s patterns are usually rather quick projects, and this blouse is no exception. There is only four pattern pieces plus facings for the neckline and sleeves, and I made it up in a few hours. The most significant design feature is the pleating along the cuffs which creates a lovely billowing effect. The bodice has darts and is slightly fitted. The shoulder seams sits at the top of the shoulder and the overall fit is quite slim.

The sizing in Fibre Mood patterns is sometimes a little unpredictable, sometimes running large, sometimes small. I chose my usual size 40 based on my chest measurement and the finished garment measurements, and I almost regret it. It fits, but I definitely think I could use a little more room, too. I shortened the sleeves by 2 cm because usually I always need to do that (short arms), and that was probably unnecessary, too, because they are veering on the short side. I think the final result has a very wearable fit after all, so there’s no harm done. The look on the model seems more relaxed and I think I prefer that, but it doesn’t feel restrictive to wear. Maybe a broad back adjustment will be sufficient to add a little more room across the back.

I decided to hide all the raw edges with french seams for a neat finish, so I added an extra 0.5 cm seam allowance everywhere except at the neckline, the cuffs and the hem where I kept the original 1 cm. I went with a button and loop instead of a hook and eye because I like the look. The pattern construction is great, I had no problems getting the pieces together. I’m actually quite impressed by the quality of the Fibre Mood patterns, they are great value for money. If you hate tracing, you have the opportunity to buy a pdf pattern instead of the pattern book, and frankly, I think when my subscription runs out, I’ll probably go for that option instead. I tend to buy digital patterns anyway, so the paper version is more or less redundant for me. Between the hassle of tracing and taping together paper sheets, I prefer the latter.

The fabric is a lovely lightweight chambray or batiste with blue and ochre tones. It has a slight sheen to it and a warm undertone, and it is so soft and comfortable to wear. I used a brown thread and added visible topstitching along the neck facings, the pleats and the armsyce for interest. Otherwise, I made no other changes to the design. This pattern would look great in a number of different fabrics. Crisp poplin, soft viscose or tencel, and even in a jersey or interlock without too much stretch would be great options. I think it could be interesting to hack the pattern into a dress by lengthening it, maybe with a belt.

I like this blouse a lot and plan to style it with a sweater vest or a lightweight turtleneck for warmth – those lovely sleeves shouldn’t be hidden in a cardigan. I might size up if I make another one, so if you’re interested in making your own, please look at the finished measurements before you decide which size you want.

Pattern: Fibre Mood Bonnie
Fabric: 1.2 m cotton batiste of chambray from Rainbow fashion, Oslo
Contrasting thread
Time: 3-4 hours

Disclaimer: I received the pattern for free in exchange for publishing about it in the release link party. Opinions, fabric and time is on me!

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