Note: Two Lounge pants

The latest issue of The Maker’s Atelier Magazine featured some lovely relaxed trousers that immediately caught my interest. Then the pattern was released in September, and I bought it at once. It has two views, one with elasticated waist for knits and one with a zip fly for woven fabrics. They have the same overall shape, but like other siblings, there are significant differences, too.

The pattern is described on the website as designed for a more relaxed lifestyle with more room around the lower crotch and hips area. After trying both styles for a couple of weeks, I can testify that this is true, they are really very comfortable to wear.

The design is quite fitted around the higher hips and more roomy, without adding unnecessary volume around the bum and lower hips, and they have a slightly dropped crotch. They both have patch pockets in the back (slightly different) and the zip and fly version has side pockets, too. The jersey version has elasticated waist and cuffs and is a very quick make, and the zip and fly version has a neat flat front. The cropped length is very practical and easy to pair with sneakers and boots.

According to my measurements, I cut a size 12. I made the jersey version in a ponte I had in my stash, and I have to admit they are so comfortable, I never want to put on anything else. The fabric is nice enough for wearing them as regular pants and not only around the house, as in true secret pyjamas. I like the fit a lot, and the only alteration I will make on my next pair is to rise the back 1-2 cm, otherwise they are perfect for me. I added 5 cm on the length, as they are quite cropped, to make them more wearable in cold weather.

The zippered version is made in a bottom weight viscose blend with a lot of stretch, also from my stash, and they fit me equally well. I added 5 cm to the length on these too. For my next version I want to change the shape of the side pockets and fasten them to the waistband, they keep flapping around and that’s a little annoying. Another thing I’d like to change is the waistband which is cut as a straight, folded piece. I prefer a two-piece curved waistband for my shape, they sit a lot better on my hips, particularly if the fabric has little stretch or drape, like cotton twill. Other than that, they are brilliant.

The instructions are fairly easy to follow, but not very elaborate, so some sewing experience is an advantage. I prefer another method of inserting the zipper so I chose to do that instead. I also used a slightly wider elastic on the jersey version and fastened it by stitching it to the seam allowance at the wrong side, then turned it over and stitched it down. I recommend reading the accompanying blog post to learn more about the design and the possibilities with this pattern, it’s a very interesting read. There is no pdf version of the pattern, it is only available on paper, but for The Maker’s Atelier I gladly make an exception to my preference for digitalized patterns.

Free movement 🙂

I’m very happy with the results and wear one of these several days a week. They are partly made as a result of my October sewing theme, but mainly because I wear trousers more these days because I work from home several days of the week like so many others this year, and rigid fabrics and constricting shapes are less desirable than ever.

Fabric: Ponte de Roma and viscose twill with stretch, sourced locally
Pattern: The Lounge Pant by The Maker’s Atelier
Size 12
Jersey version: 2 hours
Version with zip and fly: half a day


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