Note: Green linen Jenny

This post will be short because I’ve already made another Jenny in denim and this one isn’t much different. But I had a remnant of the green linen I used for the Blair linen duster, so I managed to squeeze out a little mini skirt in green linen for a matching set.

I have made quite a few skirts, but rarely have any of them fitted me so well as Jenny from Homer+Howells. I’m not quite sure where the magic is hidden: is it the curved waistband? The gently curved side seams? The front zip fly? All I can say is that I usually am a lot more self conscious when wearing a fitted mini skirt (and not in a good way). Jenny feels a lot more relaxed.

This time I wanted to make the inside pretty, too, so I added bias tape, the same as in the Blair coat, but only on the zip fly and the waistband. I worried it would add too much bulk if I used it everywhere. I enjoy seeing the neat and tidy inside when I put it on, and it’s really worth a little extra effort. I have been sewing predominantly from my stash lately, so I found a suitable zipper in brown. It is close enough to the green not to bother me. Finally, I had one last button in khaki corozo (from Merchant & Mills), the same as I used on the Blair coat.

I don’t mind the brown zipper one bit, but sometimes I wonder if I’m not careful enough with my choices in general. Some would hate having a zipper in a mismatching color, and it surely looks more homemade than it would do if everything matched properly. To me, it feels just fine although I can see that I could have found a better alternative. On the upside, I finally found a purpose for something I already have, making me feel rather resourceful. Frugal, even!

This skirt was made back in March when I dreamed of a summer without lockdown. I added 5 cm to the length, and that’s all the changes I made. The original mini length is lovely, by I prefer a little more coverage these days. The instructions are very clear and straight forward, so this is a great patterns for any confident beginner. I have an itch to make a third version, the midi version in view A. I think it would look really good in a stone or sand colored sturdy cotton twill. But first I will enjoy some bright warm days with my green Jenny.

I think this little skirt will be perfect for my holidays at the seaside this summer. It matches really well with my green linen Jeanne tee, and it is so comfortable to wear. I have also paired it with a new Innes camisole, but that’s a post for another day. Do you feel a particular joy over using up all the small leftovers from other projects?

Pattern: Jenny skirt from Homer+Howells
Size: UK12 (EU40)
Fabric: About 1 m linen from Metermeterdk (sold out)
Time: Half a day

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