Note: Casual Jack trenchcoat in tencel

Sometimes it takes a while from idea to realization. This was the case with my Jack trenchcoat from Readytosew. I have had both the pattern and the fabric in my possession for more than a year, so what stopped me in my tracks?

Jack is designed for fabric with drape. It has oversized lapels, gathered collar and a self-tied waist. There is a storm flap on the back, and the sleeves has ties. It is fully lined. This is not a coat for stormy weather because it is best worn open in my opinion. The pattern was released a few years ago, and there are many gorgeous versions on Instagram under the #jackreadytosew tag.

So what stopped me? I’m really not sure, because the pattern really appealed to me and I actually needed a lightweight coat like this. Sometimes I avoid starting on more involved makes because I dread cutting and preparing all the pieces, my least favorite part of sewing. I think I worried a little about not getting it right, too, and the fear of failing definitely plays a part in my indecisiveness. Now, when it’s done it seems ridiculous but the fear is real. Does anyone else procrastinate out of fear of failing? I would like to hear how you overcome it.

After delaying this for so long, I finally got on with it and cut out everything in a few hours. The actual sewing went surprisingly quick. Finally I have my casual spring trench coat ready.

I didn’t make any alterations to the pattern besides grading between sizes. I worried it would be a little snug around my hips in 40 because I currently am size 40 in tops and 42 in bottoms from Readytosew, so I chose accordingly and the result was a very good fit. I love that Raphaëlle, the designer, draws for 165 cm height. Being 163 cm myself, this is perfect and usually means that I don’t need to change anything length-wise.

The lining was chosen on a whim, and I’m not quite sure if it was the best decision, but I couldn’t resist it. It is a very happy floral in lovely sky blue, red and mustard yellow with some green and white. I lined the sleeves in proper rayon lining for a smoother glide, and I’m glad I did. The viscose is not slippery enough over a woolen sweater. I added a hanging loop in bright red and a KATM “one of a kind” label.

I love how the busy floral peeks out when the jacket moves. It is easy to match it to many of my other garments, for instance the khaki green linen I’m wearing here.

Jeanne tee (Readytosew) and Jenny skirt (Homer+Howells)

I used a pretty heavy interfacing for the lapels to make sure they keep their shape, based on reports from others who have made this pattern. The tencel fabric has a lot of drape but enough body for this pattern. I had no difficulties sewing everything together because Readytosew has excellent instructions. I’m sure even an adventurous beginner could sew this with some patience because the instructions are so detailed. There are no actual closure besides the waist tie, and this is helpful, too.

I have made so many of the Readytosew patterns by now, and they never disappoint. I think Jack is among the earlier releases, but since Raphaëlle’s styles are classic with a casual twist, I think they have longevity. This will definitely not be my last adventure with a Readytosew pattern. In the future, I will fight my procrastination tendencies even more to avoid such stupid and unnecessary delays.

Transparency: I have tested a couple of patterns for Readytosew in the past, but I have no affiliation with the brand and am just a very happy customer.

Pattern: Jack trenchcoat from Readytosew
Size: 40/42 (40 on top, 42 on bottom)
Fabric: 3 m tencel twill from Metermeter (Denmark), now discontinued. You can try this one instead
Lining: Viscose for the body, lining rayon for the sleeves
Ties made of sating bias tape for the collar, self fabric for the waist and sleeves

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