Hack: Jazz impro – a dress

I’m not particularly interested in jazz in general, but when it comes to the Readytosew Jazz e-book I’m very keen indeed. This is my seventh version of the pattern so far. I love how easy it is to play with the pattern pieces, and every time the result becomes very different.

My “hacks” are quite modest – do they even qualify as hacks? I added 10 cm length to the first tier and 5 cm to the second for a midi length. The short sleeves were lengthened until just below my elbow. I like sleeves that are easy to fit inside a jacket, and these qualify. In addition I made narrow waistbands and fastened them above the pocket openings for an easy fitting adjustment. I can also wrap them around my waist if I want to.

The zipper I inserted in the back was completely unnecessary. The dress slips easily over my head. I was worried it would be difficult to get on and off because of the sleeves, but no. On the contrary, I wish I didn’t add the extra width under the sleeves and in the side seams (1 cm each). I wonder why – maybe the fabric grew a bit? It is viscose, so I believe it did.

Normally I never size down in Readytosew patterns, but this pattern is very generous so I normally go down one size. The attention to detail in this pattern is very impressive. There are more than 80 versions to choose between in the e-book. Several tops with and without sleeves, a bib, many types of sleeves, straight and tapered trousers, skirts and peplums guarantee a lot of fun when deciding how to make the Jazz unique for you. The instructions are clear, and there is a lot of additional information on the website, including a few very interesting hacks.

This dress is the result of a “need” for something to wear at work when I start again next week. Without fail, the weather will finally be gorgeous after the coldest Summer in 50 years. This dress is easy to layer under come Autumn, and the dark color works well both for now and later.

The fabric is probably familiar to many – it is the Granito Night from Atelier Brunette (via Metermeter.dk). I love the prints from Atelier Brunette, but maybe not this fabric itself so much. It is very limp and has almost no body. I’ve made a few other things in the same material, and I now know how it behaves. If you are after a something that holds a shape, this isn’t it, but it’s very nice for soft blouses and lots of gathered fabric.

You can see some of my other Jazz adventures here:

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  • Hi, love your blog! Your articles are really helpful for making hacks for trusted patterns! Just wanted to ask about this hack for the Jazz dress. You’ve lengthened the tiers, which is what I want to do. I see you’ve added 15 cm, just want to know how tall you are? So I can compare how an additional 15 cms works for my 165 cm, without having to make a toile first 🙂 Thank you!!


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