Note: Avril jacket in linen twill

Is it possible to have too many jackets? I’m asking for a friend!

The Avril jacket from Fibre Mood 9 is a very fun make, and it suits a variety of fabrics: linen, cotton poplin, denim, corduroy etc. It has a boxy silhouette with oversized pockets, hidden button placket and a standing collar. I particularly like how the sleeves are constructed. Instead of a set in sleeve the sleeves are divided down the middle with a seam and have a grown on yoke. This results in a smooth shoulder silhouette and less excess of fabric despite the voluminous design. The pocket construction is another great feature with the narrow gusset that adds volume. It’s not at all difficult to sew, but be cautious about matching the seam notches so everything fits together nicely.

This version is made in a heavy linen twill from a local source, Rainbow tekstil. I used buttons from my deep stash and a vowen cotton ribbon as the tie. For once I sized down from my usual size in Fibre Mood patterns and shortened the sleeves about 4 centimeters. The result was a perfect size for me. There is no lining, and I left off the buttons on the pockets for a sleeker look.

I quite like the result, but next time I think I will shave off a little from the collar as it is pretty high on me. It would be interesting to add a lining, too.

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