Hack: Jazz wrap blouse

Are you familiar with the Jazz pattern e-book by Readytosew yet? It has more than 80 versions included with suggestions for making jumpsuits, dresses, overalls and tops. This blouse is my fifth version of the pattern and it is based on the wrap bodice with bishop sleeves.

The bodice is originally very short, so I lengthened it by about 10 cm. In addition I straightened the side seams to ensure enough width around my upper hips. This was a good decision and created a nice blousing, too. I cut the wrap ties on 9 cm with finished measurements of 4 cm.

The sizing: Readytosew patterns tend to fit me well in the shoulders, but sometimes they pull bit across my upper back. I solve this by adding 1 cm under the sleeves on the back piece at least, sometimes both front and back.

All the seams are finished with french seams, so no visible raw edges. I love a neat inside, and it really isn’t that much more work! The neckline is finished with bias binding.

I used 1.5 m of fabric, a lovely viscose with excellent drape. It is light, but not to sheer which is rare to come across. I wish I had bought more when I had the chance, for this is a very versatile fabric. Unfortunately my local retailer is sold out.

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