Note: Jazz jumpsuit with bishop sleeves

My fascination of jumpsuits is still very strong, and I think they look more current than dresses at the moment. My favorite jumpsuit pattern must be the Jazz collection by Readytosew. I have made several versions and would love to add more at some point.

The jazz collection is far more than just a pattern. In the e-book you there are suggestions of more than 80 versions and combinations, including jumpsuits, dresses, tops, shorts and overalls. Wrap openings, buttons in the front and zippers in the back are among the options, as are sleeveless, short sleeves, long sleeves, peplums, shorts, long tapered legs and wide legs. My head goes spinning with all the possibilities. One of the options I love the most is the bishop sleeve detail.

The fabric is a silk/wool mix from Misan West in London, bought in January 2019. It has a beautiful lustre and drape, but is veering on the lighter side for the trouser part of the jumpsuit. I think it works, though. When I shop for fabric without having a project in mind I usually buy 3 meters, enough for most projects except for long dresses and coats, or jumpsuits with long sleeves AND legs. I had just enough for this one, but I wish I could have added a few centimeters to the legs for better proportions. Or maybe not? I should probably add another 50 cm to my fabric purchases (if I love them enough). That would guarantee enough for a long dress/jumpsuit or enough for at least two other projects.

I’ve worn it to my daughter’s graduation party and a couple of dinner parties and it always attracts nice comments. I love Jazz! How about you – have you added many jumpsuits to your wardrobe yet, or are you in the definitely NO category?

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