Note: Jazz in chambray

When Raphaëlle from Readytosew re-released her Jazz pattern under the name Jazz e-book last spring I bought it immediately. I think it’s a great idea to make a collection of pattern pieces that can be mixed and matched almost indefinitely. In this case, there are more than 80 versions to choose between, to sew jumpsuits, blouses, dresses and overalls.

In the e-book you have a number of different bodices with zippers in the back or buttons in the front. There are wide and tapered trouser legs, shorts, skirts and peplums. Finally, you can choose between sleeveless, short sleeves and bishop sleeves. Then again, you can hack it indefinitely. Not bad, huh?

One particular feature really impressed me with this pattern: The armsyce is drawn differently depending on whether you intend to add a sleeve or not, meaning you get separate pattern pieces for this. That’s an attention to detail I really admire. The bodice has a deep, but not too deep v-neck, and it sits very well on me. I am within the height range these patterns are designed for, too, so I rarely have to make changes to the length. The bottom is roomy, so I graded from a 40 in the bodice to a 38 in the bottom. Lots of ease still. I made no other changes. If I were to make it again, I’d staystich the neckline before I sew the facing on. I’d also make the belt a little longer. I think I spent the most part of a day on this make.

This version is inspired by the type of weather we have only a few days every year here where I live: Warm, even hot, with no need to layer anything on top. If we are lucky it can last a couple of weeks scattered over the summer. It’s made in linen chambray, a fabulous fabric. Lighter than cotton chambray but still substantial, and not prone to creasing at all. It’s not available in this color way anymore, but you can stilll get a couple of other colors at The Fabric Store if you are interested.

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